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Antahswar, an organization where we share music, care for music and experience music; is founded by Dr. Janki Mithaiwala to instill music awareness in society. We aspire to awaken musical consciousness and spread amity, happiness, prolific creativity, sensitivity and introspective attentiveness amongst all age groups and all classes of people.

Music is one of the strongest ways to connect to the self and listen to the inner voice, intuition. It is an array of emotions wrapped in a beautiful composition of musical notes and beats. To be blessed to appreciate its essence and splendor is a precious gift by nature to us. We wish to enlighten more people and elevate their experience to such soulful, enriching music by making them listen, learn and understand.

Antahswar to accomplish this prudent vision has designed different structure and programs like Antahswar Institute of Music (AIM)- with innovative courses, workshops for spreading knowledge of specific areas in music, experimental music performance, creative studio productions on novel themes and various service projects.