Pratibha Shishyavritti

Antahswar offers 'Pratibha Shishyavritti' to a telented student every year.

Eligibility for applying in Scholarship Test

Admission in Foundation Course, Intermediate Course and Diploma Course in respective year.

Conditions :
  • Only 1 student would be given 'Pratibha Shisyavritti' every year from the mentioned courses.
  • Special test would be taken and the candidate has to remain present on the da of selection declared by the Institute.
  • Decision regarding the selection by AIM would be respected by one and all.
  • The scholarship will be elapse for the year, in case of no suitable candidate found.
  • In 'Pratibha Shishyavritti', the student will have to pay 50% fee only (in advance).
  • In case of any discrepancy, the desision of authority wuld be considered as final.
Pratibha Shishyavritti Form Download
Pratibha Shishyavritti Scholars
  1. Komal Subedi (2014)